6 Feb 2019

It arrived! It really did... got the Engaging Humor path

Engaging Humor, the 11th path arrived exactly as promised: the Chinese New Year 2019. 

The year of the Pig begins. For me the together, here is the Laughing Pig. 

The New Year arrived earlier, in East of the Globe, we had to wait till morning in Colorado to have glimpses of the new path.

In the Pathways Discussion Forum, Michelle was the first to write us: "I have it!" 

I tried then, even if one hour before, I have decided to wait till morning. No more waiting. Finally I arrived to click click click, no path arrived for me. What to do? I went to the Call Us, well from Europe, it would cost a lot. I wrote a letter. Answer? We will go back to you. 

Then, suddenly, a Chat box appears: want to chat? What is your problem? Without wait time, I had my chat, described my problem, got it solved and had my path between others in my basecamp. 

Wonderful! Well, it was then that I realized that there is a way till I make all laugh after reading my Required, path specific Projects. Remember?
To obtain this, you could have seen also yesterday, I had to login, go Pathways / The Navigator / Pathways / Which Path ? / Then open the More information from this Path. 

Do you want images? I took screen dumps of the steps we have to go through after login.
As I already wrote, Pathways --> The Navigator --> Almost all the way down again --> Pathways and from there Which Path. As for now it says "choose between this 10" but then the third path IS the 11th one! All eleven are there. It takes time to change everything!

Yesterday, I did publish two of the four new projects descriptions, but then we got this in the Pathways discussion forum. All four beautifully added in a google document. 
It is worth visiting the Pathways Discussion Forum to appreciate all who help fast and well! Those projects are also described beautifully in the Leader Letter. 

This morning, I got the Leaders Letter from the TMI by email.

It begins, announcing the 11th path arrival and this image. I have never seen anyone at workplace laugh like this in bright light. I hope it happens, other then when arranged. 

Of course, I also got some other images of people laughing, not many, because I learned that we laugh a lot more, longer, stronger when we are in dark, and even nearer each other. But whatever. It is announced! In the same letter, link to "my" February toastmaster Magazine article. Ours, of course, not mine only. And other goodies, about other news too.
Now, I have between my paths the Engaging Humor, but have to wait till arrive to Level 2 for the first Path Specific Project. Do I really? No way!

Of course, we will transform all the path and give it a theme: comedy, laugh, humor. From the Icebreaker on. I already wrote the first draft of it and from the four required project in Level 1 already booked two or three for very soon. Now, I am very busy, very preoccupied to rewrite my Icebreaker and to imagine, my "any speech comedy style" that follows. The Research already begun, it will be about comedy books I found and presenting it. Lots of work awaiting me at the same time as some projects from other paths I am on. Most important, the Podcast : now I have my theme for it. And learned how to publish too. Even the Projects that seem most difficult, with time open up. Seem possible even for me.

"Me humor? Me comedy? Never!" do not say it. Well I did, till I arrived at age 77.

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