4 Apr 2019

Podcast with original music

This is my sound, my "podcast" but I did not know yet how to upload my own images. I had a lot of images, did not know to borrow someone else's, even if it looked "professional".

And it is not the image I wanted to convey.

Then, I used video editor and added photos to my sounds, not only it was heavy, but it was distracting. Then I realized, I needed intro music and 1 minute to tell the audience what it is about. This is original music! Gelzy, from of my friend on the orgue and sheet created by her husband, filmed by me at their home.

And this my story Holliday Disaster told live during seven minutes a Spark London podcast

And finally, after looking and looking, I found what to use through an Apple Add!
I told Holliday disaster to a Spark London event. The audience loved it.

Then begun to look for my own pictures, to find "original image"
they have to be ok for all the series, not only one
here is another one I considered

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