7 Apr 2019

Remember Pathways Storyswap?

The idea come last summer, then the committee for my DTM Project was born, in September. Fabiola gave me the push I needed to form my committee.

Zaldy and Assyl and me, each with its task. This beautiful background is just one of many that Assyl proposed, and I used most of time. Then, Carole joined us with advices.

Zaldy proposed to create a Page, done, and pay for a Web place, done. Paul suggested the name Pathways storyswap.
The 30 September the first Pathways Story Swap was born. First, inside a Pathways for Undistricted meeting, telling Table Topics stories about our experiences as Pathways Guides, to each other. Some of those, are in this blog.

Then, a special meeting between Online Leaders, with longer stories of our different experiences. We organized also Pathways storyswaps in Online Clubs, Witty Storyteller and Global Trainers Online, and special Pathways Table Topic stories, in Firebirds, and one in my London club.

We begun to show and talk about it in different districts facebook pages, and between friend made online. "What questions you ask? How to create one?" Questions come from more places.

Towards end November I did talk about it also in the Division Conference, got new friends there.

Unknown by me, a new Toastmaster who was creating a new club in her village, filmed all my presentation.

Interactions with the audience more difficult to take as I asked them to tell stories to each other too.

But here is one screen from my presentation, most of the time I did stay on foot, later, I sit down to continue.

There are so many interesting stories about Pathways, Base Camp, Projects and all the problems we may speak about and how we solved them.

What we loved, what we hated. And how we helped others. Interactions arrived through the new education program problems and their resolution.

Let us not stop the Story Swap because I finished my DTM Project and got my Pathways DTM!

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