3 Apr 2019

Problems come, we all have some

Problems I imagine huge, get to their real proportion. Or get resolved by me or by others I alerted. 

Rarely, they remain as huge as imagined.

And also sometimes, I realize how they can be seen different, when other, bigger or more important problems arrive.

Renewal period is over. I was very afraid what happens if or when the Treasurer does not pay even for himself: I got today a letter for leaders from TMI and in it is written all officers get "only 1 month" before they can no more access Club Central, if they did not pay till then. 

We had a Grace period of 2 month, then it changed to 1 day, now back to one month it seems. At least, for the committee members.

Beside, both Treasurers paid last day of March, and added those who paid. 

How many books you read a year? I have no idea. Some I read, others I study, yet others nowadays I listen to. These are some of the last ones I studied. 

First come Design for how people LEARN. After reading it, I understood a lot better Pathways and how it was designed and why. 

Don't make me think (revisited) is a gift of my son, working with user interface design. Applies also to blog posts! Alas, Base Camp still makes us to think a lot, but I feel they are working on it, even if it seems really slow.

Letting go of the Words? Less is more. Not easy for me. Even if I pretend (?) I like reading a lot. The same books online, let me mark the paragraphs. But more, as sometimes SIZE MATTERS, look and read with bigger characters.

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