27 Apr 2019

"We were not told of Meeting roles!" Really?

A Toastmaster just panicked, complained: I did not know about the Meeting roles! TM never told! Really? I went to the discovery and found lots of places where it is told, in many ways.

I put this on top, to see how it comes on when I share this post. We put in the last role, I add it as soon as I have finished a role, opening the Gear near my portrait, and choosing My Account.

Later, anyone who goes to my Profile, which is the Portrait for me, can see the lasts roles I hold.

That would be the short answer. But TMI explained the Meeting roles in many ways and places that I would like to show you here.
At the time, we can see the different ways we get information. FAQ, Materials, Online Classes, etc.

Enter Base Camp through Pathways -> Go to Base camp (not through Welcome) we arrive here:
This lets us beside Choose your path, used seldom, or going to the Navigator, enter our path through BASE Camp after having chosen if we enter as members (and in which club) or log in as BC Manager. Let us enter! What we get?

The first square leads us to Navigating BASE CAMP that I warmly recommend to all, new or old. This is not at all "The Navigator" called also "Toastmaster Navigator" even if the name is similar. Click on it! We get informations that curiously some Toastmasters tell "I was not told about"

Here are just other folders we have to click on and get many other informations about, and also a line FAQs: Meeting Role Requirements. That is the beginning of pages when you open it, giving detailed information about roles we have to do before finishing Level 3.
But try it and continue, it does not finish with one page, it explains "how to enter them" too.

We find also information about Meeting Roles if we enter the Tutorials and Resources, click on grey. Not only one kind of information but in many ways. Video Animation, called Online Classes, and Material, with pages written, giving complementary informations about the Meeting roles.

Personally, I love to look at the very short and clearly animations, here is the front page we get and I will not show the video, of course: enjoy it yourself.

This one shows step by step, how we enter our meeting roles. It presumes mostly that you already read the material about them, that explains longer, when and how. Mostly, that we can do the roles many times, and at any level, as long as till the end of Level 3 we have, beside Evaluating, been Toastmaster and Table Topic Master.

Quick Reference Guide: Tracking your Meeting Roles, is not considered "online class" but Material, from Tutorials also.

Each one of them adds to our knowledge about the Meeting roles.

It was a long time, I opened any of them, as "I know" so perhaps it got so much in me, that I just do it. 

Today, I was Grammarian, did not yet add it, but as soon as I finish this blog post, I will.

Is still anything else I may show?
Perhaps just to tell that for some, we are asked to Launch or to request.
What is the difference between them? Launch takes us there immediately, while Request, adds it also to our Educational Transcript, so we can see or read as we want.

That remains in our Active folder or Educational Transcript, till we do not say "Mark completed" and then it will go to the Completed folder.

While we enter the roles inside the Gear in "My account" they can be seen by others and the VPE too, in "My Profile".

Here is how it looks for me today, before entering my todays Grammarian role, by changing the last date I did it.

A bit confusing of course, for all those with multiple paths, so that is why in fact Base camp does not check if you did or not, and lets us go to Level 4 leaving it to us and the BCM. Our roles do not either say where we did it. We did, that is all, and the last date. More roles are shown, not only the "must" three roles. So we can enter them (or not). I do. You can see, I have not been Ah counter or Timer for a long time. But General Evaluator? I did that role recently, just neglected to enter it as soon as finished. 

So I publish this and run to enter my grammarian role, less I forget it too.


Lynda Lee said...

Now I only saw it, so the role players is a requirement, eh! perhaps that is why my level 3 is not marked with a tick-checked as complete except that it is 54% in the path...

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

The base camp does not verify your roles. You must have not closed one of your project. Or clicked and told for the level Mark Completed.

gdmarshall said...

I take that members side on being surprised by the meeting roles requirement. While it's documented if you look around, there's no reason to make members poke around in all the resources looking for it.

The requirement for meeting roles should be stated somewhere that the member can't miss!