14 Apr 2019

Passing from Level 2 to Level 3 SR

Yesterday morning, delivered my story "my son my mentor" at Global Trainers Online: very well liked by all those who listened. Today, I could pass from the level 2, ouf! to the loved level 3.
I could open up again and answer to the After questions, Submit, then I got the comparison chart that signals that Base camp did understand I finished the project.

I did Evaluate for TMI my opinion on the project (not obligatory but why not) then Activated and Launched the Completion request for the Strategic Relationships. Looked at the page, closed it so I could click on Level Completed. Got it approved. Looked who needs it and asked the GTO club Secretary to add it to the Club Central. She will do it soon.

Meanwhile, now that I could access Level 3, I see that the required project is Networking! 
I read through the project: how appropriate just now! I just networked last week and can speak of it.
I even used can can use more, the Social Media to keep contact and also to tell about my networking event. As it was just the last days, I consider it was not too far away. I can even do more of it. 
Just to plan ahead, and prepare, looked at the Level 3 electives (here the end of all only) and enjoyed how many are available to choose from. But the choosing is for other days. 

For now, I will prepare the Story of my Networking event.

An hour later perhaps, I got this email from TMI explaining in details how to get the Level Certificate but also how to get the whole Pathways Mentor special, available at level 3. It says more then before!

"Good news! Your completion request for Level 2 Completion—Strategic Relationships was approved on 4/14/2019 7:50:00 AM. This means you have fulfilled all of your educational requirements, and Level 2 is now complete. 
In recognition of your exciting accomplishment, you have been awarded a certificate of achievement. Watch the Accessing Certificates tutorial to see how to view and print your certificate.
If this is your first time completing Level 2 in a path, you are now eligible to begin the Pathways Mentor Program! The Pathways Mentor Program is designed to build and reinforce the skills needed to provide a positive mentoring experience for protégés. If you already completed Level 2 in another path and have not registered for this program, you may still do so at any time.

To register for the program, locate the Suggested Education box on the Base Camp home page and select the Pathways Mentor Program. It may take up to 24 hours for the Pathways Mentor Program to appear on Base Camp.

Select Level 3 in your Education Transcript to start a new project and continue your Pathways journey. Congratulations on completing Level 2!"

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