1 Apr 2019

All my online club members are 100% on Pathways

Instead of 2 Online clubs, I joined one more. Rejoined Firebirds Collective. Just finished their open Executive Meeting. 

And you know what? They are all "on Pathways".

All three of my online clubs have 100% of their members "in Pathways" already. Yes, at different levels. Some still on Level 1, many already DTM, others finishing their second Path. 

Ready to go online, ready to work online? Ready for new adventures.

But in my London, D91 club, all Committee members begun now, and we have only one seasoned member, who still did not begun. We have also 7 new members, of course all begin today, as soon as they can. And two who joined before already given their Icebreaker. 
From today, added Royal Roads and Firebirds.
The second club I joined is Royal Road Toastmasters, where I was club coach. Very friendly and always open to guests. Went to visit them from almost 3 years: now will be member. Only Lewisham Speakers is brick and mortar. 

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