2 Apr 2019

Cornerstone Communicators Pathways Panel

Moderating a Panel is Level 5 Project. 

Yesterday evening, inside the online meeting of the Cornerstone Communicators Advanced Toastmasters club, President Clifford Hurst,

John Kendall moderated the Panel discussion about Pathways. Excellently prepared and conducted in 30 minutes with four panelists; Elizabeth Jordan and Jenny Chalmers, members of the club, and Aaron Leung and Julie Kertesz (me) as Panelist.

Here is my recording the Panel discussion, "Gallery view so I can see all participants reactions, recorded by Replay Video Capture, uploaded to YouTube. 

Many interesting questions and different answers that give together a great view.
John Kendall was moderating it very well, asking the questions to us directly and with short answers also signaling very nicely when our part of a specific answer run out of time or was answered enough.

After the Panel the club had Table Topics, then Evaluations - and at the end questions to the Panelists from the Audience. Alas, I did not record that part as it come rather a surprise to me after I commented that I regret that we did not have questions from all. 

Creating a Panel in a club meeting is a great idea, and one can do it with at the same time, having less speakers or less Table Topics speakers. Best prepare the club members to gather their questions, prepare them, at the same time as the Panelists. We were very well prepared with questions send to us in advance, so we did have time to think of our answers and then deliver it well but shortly.

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