26 Apr 2019

Testing features

Eventually, and for sure, a newcomer would open up, after Login to the Toastmasters.org, with email and password (my computers and devices all save it for me, so I do not have to remember), then open the Welcome X, in my case of course Welcome Julie, that appears in Yellow on burgundy background on top. It is the fastest way to go to your Path and project, once you have chosen a Path. Also to verify if your path was indeed selected.

What? Go to your transcript? 

Yes, they moved it up! That was a great discovery. No more is my address and telephone number on the top of it, that before I had to hide before publishing. No more do we have to go down to use it. 

What if someone does not know what Transcript is

He may have already heard about Path and Basecamp, but not "transcript"! So I tried. 

What if I click on the Enrolled in X paths? 

For a newcomer, it would be 1 path. For me it shows 11 even if in fact, two are not "new path": one is same in French, other is Same in Manual, that I will never complete.

Enrolled in X path works! 

It goes directly to the same Transcript page or folder where the Path reside, together with all Classes and Forms we Launched - and did not Archive or Complete. The same from where we return when we Chose HOME (in grey and under the Burgundy). 

If we go like this, we can still hide all what is not Path choosing Curriculum (= path) or go to the Active and choose Completed, after we finished a path to go back to its any level or project. 

It does not lead us to the Base Camp, nor to this window.
That is what we get when we go through Base Camp and in this forget all the Burgundy window from this page. I got here then went to discovery of different blue squares. Education Transcript, to which they added now, hurrah, Access my Path, is where the "go to Transcript" would lead.

Navigating Base Camp, has basic advices about how to close a project, how to close a level, and so on, and it has nothing or not much to do with  the new Toastmaster Navigator. See bellow.
Here are just some of the answers you can get, from the Navigating my Base Camp, opened. I had to click to each of the three above blue squares, to open us the additional titles. Each titles lead to a short Animation, after you Launch it or ask to add to your Transcript. 

Yes, it takes time to discover what it is there, but it takes more time and headache not to do it. So many questions asked in the Pathways Discussion Forum would be avoided if we just spend some time with theim. 

So do not hesitate to click, and discover! 

Some would be as before, if you ever been there, others may have changed. My Feedback and my Badges could be cut from there, I do not find a lot of use of them. Complete a Level! that one should be read also. It is just under the Work in my Projects. 

In the Contrary, reading from the Speech Evaluation blue square, I found some interesting new bits, but outdated material. I will write another post again, just about Evaluations. So, after me, the two first squares would be enough. 

And of course, all we get when we click, once inside the Go to my educational transcript (paths).

Above the Burgundy line, are a two tiny useful squares, to Logout or to go to our Account, change the last time we did a role. And, the other, to get to our E-portofolio, which is PERSONAL. I still upload my Evaluations there, one folder by level, but alas not differentiated by paths. So better put the path initials in it, and delete some not necessary part of the initial name. The Badges are also inside the e-portofolio, I did look at them perhaps 6 times in two years. 

In the Burgundi line, HOME is leading back to the above Educational Transcript. 
Tutorials and Resources are to be studied so we know how to use them. Spending time there, we also gain time! And Check Compatibility can be useful at the very beginning, or when our system changes. 

Of course, even if now the Grey Shadow with the same name appears when we go on them, we have to know that the click is on the Grey Shadow under, with the same name, and not in the burgundy. Still annoys me, even if I know with my mind now.

And here is my Level 3 of Engaging Humor opened at the main required project. I have already done the two minimum Elective Projects.

That it is for today. Hope, any of it, one of them are new to you. I am working on Engage your audience with Humor and finally I decided on the main message I want to convey in it and found a super beginning. Well, super as far as it seems today to me. 

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