24 Apr 2019

Podcasting? Level 4 Elective

First, I had to listen to some podcasts.
Second, I remembered I had stored recordings of my stories on Box, Vimeo and Dailymotion,
I also recorded some through voice memos.

Then, the question came, how to broadcast them?

Apple gave me an answer when I needed it, sending me a email about their Anchor app, as I wrote in February! Anchor not only helps prepare, but sends for us the result to multiple places, and does send email to us, any of them accepted it! So one story or a collection of stories can reach different audiences.

In the last row, are all the places some of my first stories were send.

Some of the things I did, tried to do with my recorded stories. In Anchor.

Still lot to learn and do.

Perhaps, with more humor in them, the podcasts, when I take them back again to work on them will be more a pleasure to listen to.

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