23 Apr 2019

Networking : Remote access, Online, Brick and mortar

Yesterday I participated to two remote access meetings. This is Feather Tongues from Oregon. Three interesting and very different speeches and online as well on site video and sound went very well. I evaluated Michelle’s Networking story. Preparing soon to tell mine.

Sunday was Table Topic master at an TM club from Suceava, in Romanian. Once in a mont it is all online. The other meeting is in a library.  I got to be General Evaluator of the meeting. After the meeting, email and message with the President, whom I did not know before. Or not well. Now, we got to know each other a lot better.

And this is what classically is called Networking but in fact, all three were for me. Oregon, Rumania and the Division event in South England.
I went first of all to give courage and take video of the Mystery speaker, to return a favor she did to me six month ago. To encourage also our club member, he got the 3rd price! I did not know, that I will get a Triple Crown, and I got one too. I met one of the readers of this blog. We posed together with a Toastmaster I meet usually online.

All three events, this week were in fact for me Networking! And I did not do it for the project, I have to deliver, but they all will serve me well for it. These days, Networking is not only all in one room. The modern ages lets us network with Toastmasters from Oregon, then Toastmasters from Moldova and then those in South of England. My reasons to get to know, then keep contact, are not the same as from someone who needs to find a job, a workshop, or get in somewhere new.

I mostly need contact. Pathways is showing me ways, I follow my way, we helps each other. I mean, Pathways and me. Projects are clever and may help in different ways different folks.

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