22 Apr 2019

About Evaluation Forms, again

I read romance novels, and last week I was send a newsletter proposing me under a dollar some books with heroes from mafia!

What? Well, the most important, that they are written by a very good writer, and each book not only with different hero and heroine, that are flowed, that learn, that change and toward end they get together.

In preface, of this book, she tells us she begun premed, then found out what she really wants is to write books! 

We all need to learn what courage is and what is not, and at the beginning of each chapter, of this book, there is a quote, a different one, about courage. 

Evaluation forms gave me a lot of head ache from the day, in 2017 when Adobe proposed me a better PDF reader, "free to try for three month". Oops! After I downloaded it, and the time expired, I could not get back the free one, and Adobe asked too much for every month in order for me to be able to fill out Evaluation Forms! What to do?

I tried many ways, it can be done, but no more online, no more elegant. I went as far as up to Zoom with the Senior Designer of Toastmasters: she told me "it works here, then I will come back after weekend." I am still waiting after two years for her to come back. 

Finally, they did realize what happened, and begun to think, what to do about it. 

Evaluation in a club? Have a printer? We go to the Evaluate Section, from any Project and us print the form, give the printed form before the meeting (or ask someone to do it for us), the evaluator writes on it, gives us back. And sometimes, we can even scan it and save to the computer or to our e-portofolio to be seen only by us. 

But in my online clubs, this was too complicated, and each of us found different ways to deal with it. Till, a day, I discovered, - we were also told - that the Evaluation forms from the Tutorials and Resources are "fillable" electronically! To show the difference, they got FFF in their names. Only precaution, to download, save and fill, then save again (usually I do save with a different name) before sending it in email or a message.

The following text is from the Evaluation Square, I opened yesterday, for this post specially. (1) Instead of having all the old Evaluation Forms, it redirects us to the Tutorials and Resources where after selecting Evaluation, we have to choose English or French or, and then the name of the project. Once chosen, we have still to Launch or Save it inside our Transcript page. It remains there, till we click on it as "marked completed." 

Here is what I found:
From Base Camp is "fillable" FFF in the name when you save it, and can be completed and saved online - the first time I seen it recognized that all were not fillable. But the number 2 advice is no more valid I am happy to say. Of course, we can still save and print, but... in plus, from this month on, even the evaluation resources saved directly from projects are fillable! And contain, when saved, the FFF in their name.

For me, this seems a huge improvement.

Improvements, small and big arrive in 2019 every month or week, even if we are not always told. TMI user interface team working hard on to bring them to us. Why complain if it is going to better and better? I was used to Versions, and being told what changed in each version of a program, nowadays we have to discover. Still, can enjoy them. 

What I wrote before, in many posts about problems with evaluation forms, it seems it is solved, even if took almost two years. And meanwhile I did not stop. Found solutions to use what it is, how it is.

When it was needed, I did stand up and spoke. Even if I felt I was not listened to at that time, almost two years ago. 

Finally, it was only postponed, and in plus, I was not the only one to speak. 

I also try to listen to all of your problems, and now I can be said almost a Pathways Detective, can discover what is the problem. 

When I do not know the answer, in the Pathways discussion forum we discover together each of us adding her or his knowledge to the problems we encounter.

In plus, I meet one by one often through messaging, or one to one in the land club, or zooming together, to see what problem each has. We still have problems, some easy to solve, some only a screen away to show and explain. Others, we are still waiting for to happen. It will. I am more and more sure, that we are also listened to.

Let me go back to the first quote: do not give up, continue! So much joys at the end. As for me, next Sunday, I will tell my personal story with message and humor in it from L3. Vive the Projects from the 11th path!

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