10 Apr 2019

Base camp manager information

A year ago, I wrote in detail about the work as Base Camp manager, 16 April 2018 post, http://pathwaysexperience.blogspot.com/2018/04/base-camp-manager_16.html.

Alas, skills not used are fast forgotten. All the pictures with a lot more detail can be found in my last year post. But I must have been more patient last year. 

It is easy just to goin as Base Camp Manager, in the the base camp - if one is VPE or President or Secretary, and approve with a click a Level. Usually it is enough. 

It is all I have done lately. 

But as we changed members, some remained some did not pay, others come and joined, I needed to know more then the Joined Pathways : what path did they choose?

Last week I tried. In wain. “It does not work!” I tried again. Nothing come.

Let me admit, I was too impatient!

It takes ages for the Refresh to show results, and we have alas to refresh - meaning this time for anything to come and show. Today, finally I chatted and wanted to show, me as Secretary to my VPE, what we have, and as we chatted the results finally come in!

But who does what?

I knew that it was an invisible button at upper right corner inside the results that had to be activated and, again refreshed for the details to come up. At same place there is Print. And for the first time I did and it worked, so I could handle the page after showing in on my iPad to my VPE.

It is annoying. But finally when I had enough patience to wait for the results to show up, it did and could be used.

True, it would be better to work differently and faster, but with enough stubbornness it can be done, like it is, while waiting to be improved. Here is today’s result, one can even ask save an image!

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