18 Apr 2019

Welcome Julie! Go to my Transcript is on Top now

Go to Toastmasters.org and Login : name and password. For me, my computer remembers them.
Welcome Julie appears on the top: for you of course it would be your name and not Julie.
Open the Welcome Xccc and this above appears.
Now, it is on top, the rectangle leading to our path, Go to my Transcript, leads directly to it.

Before, the Address and phone number was in the top.
Perhaps, a small change but it makes to enter Basecamp easier, faster.

Only when you want to buy a new path, choose the path, do we have to go to Pathways and from there to Basecamp.

The Transcript, reminds us to disable the Popup blocker, and shows us the path, that we open with Open Curriculum. Do NOT click on the title of the path!

The project we work on ready to be Launched, or the next project with Activate then Launch.

I still think, the names Transcript and Curriculum are strange for the folder were the path are and the Path themselves, why not call them more usual names? And why is so far away the name of the path, and can we not click directly on it, but have to click on the "open curriculum" on the right?

Remember to open up big enough the window that pops up each time, if it is not automatic for you each time a new popup opens, for me it opens up in a new tab and whole screen. In plus, once inside my project, I can with Cmd + make what is inside bigger or with Cmd - smaller too.

There are some small things but we feel better and better when know how to use them.

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