11 Apr 2019

Prepare to speak as a Pro

Just finished my 8 - 12 story about Lead in Any Situation. It went well! 

My plan worked: 

A. Spoke about when I was 14 and as a freckled thin girl, I let others get the lead role. Directed, attributed roles and played a minor role in a play.

B. Rock Bottom, 70 years later, as at 84 being Secretary in my land club at a committee meeting, all my suggestions were rejected. 

C. Then, a few months later, Pathways was launched and I was there to take the Base Camp Manager role. They needed me. And I did teach the others, President and VPE in two different TM year to be BCM.

My evaluator proposed to cut my story and show it online. Will do. Even here, when it will become available. 

I am towards the end of my Level 5 in the Team Collaboration. What else to do? Remember, all the Level 5 "Elective Projects" ? which one take on from them?
Just decided to take the last one: Prepare to Speak Professionally. 18 to 22 minutes.

Opened the project, listened to the excellent video. Looked at the different Attributes. 

Yes, at my age and qualifications, I do have Credibility and Experience. Also Expertise. Can connect to different audiences with confidence. Tell a story, "your personal story".

What strong message I want to convey? 

Never too late! It will let me tell a few stories when I had, late even to prove myself and to prove I can still study and continue doing it. Fast, as ideas come to me, write in my notebook different roadblocks and how I come to go through them. 

And find a club where I can tell for about 20 minutes!

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