19 Apr 2019

"Transcript?" Curriculum? Confusing

As I said, in yesterday's post, we can open directly and go in the heart of Base camp, after login to TMI through Welcome Julie! and use "Go to my Transcript". I hope, soon that will be changed to "Go to my Paths!"

That phrase makes some believe, that in order to read their projects, path, they have to open their transcript. I had confirmation of it just yesterday, from an other experienced Toastmaster. And, when you go instead of your account, through "Go to Basecamp" it opens to this, also confusing for her. "Where I go, blue or red Transcript?"

Just forget the red at the bottom. It shows only where you were last time, and if it is not what you want, you will not find the project or level you want there! Go with BLUE squares.

Nowadays, they added to the Education Transcript, Access my Path, that is how they should call it everywhere. Once we know, there are 11 path, for now, and which one we did choose, that would be the clearest. 

I also opened this morning, the Navigating Base Camp: open it, videos inside with suggestions. It is not at all the Navigator there! Here is what you find. Play with it, discover. Come back from time to time. Work on my projects, or Complete my Assignments you get answers here and video animations even ! Yes, we have to Launch them first. But, we do not have to go all the way to the Tutorials in order to have our answers.
Back to the Educational Transcript, and the Path. Here, as you see, at the left is the name of the path, Engaging Humor for me. I usually click on Open curriculum, but my pal thought she has to go to either View training details, that does not lead to the path or project as she wanted to read it, or she clicked on the name of Path, that again goes to Transcript, description, but not the Levels and projects. 

Click in the middle of right button, Launch! or to see the Electives, on View Electives. Why should it be a name and not click on that and having to click on the right? I got used to it, did not even think how confusing that could be for someone else.

We really do not need all those details! Or need it very seldom. If you get here, click to the line under the name on the top, and Launch Curriculum player. Again "Curriculum player" instead of go back to my path content.

And if you get inside the Training Details of a project, the "Back" is on the bottom, instead of at the top. Anyway, we do not info on how long we looked to an project. Perhaps, we read mostly off line, perhaps we forgot it open. And no one will ask us the time.

Another confusion, even if this is explained in the beginning of some projects: How do I get a saved copy of the project? We have to open up the Select to move to another section, and jump to Your Evaluation. Present for all Projects, while some other sections may vary. As you go to Your Evaluation, we find the Print your Project: it also leads us to Save As or Save as PDF, no difference in content, just one of it lets us change the name. 

Because of the cost of the color ink, I print few project, save all of them on my computer and copy them also all to a USB key, just to be sure. Yes, I can always download it again, even when I finished the Path, but why go to all that again? 

Introduction, Assess Your Self-Before and After, are always there also, in the "Sections" and are important, signaling to Base Camp, when we finished the project.

Here is another popup of Section for the Visual Aids project, you can see which are the same and which are specific to the project.

You can also see that it is important to have the window open up enough, to see the arrows that go back and forward, and down to see the Select to move... triangle that pops up when we click on it.

When I want to go to see my paths, I go under HOME, click on the grey Home, and get back here. Can choose instead the Active, and see only Curriculum (Path) or all the other "classes" all what I was interested. When I finished with them, I can also say so, then are still there but between the Completed. Again: remember click in middle of Open Curriculum (Path) not on the title of the path.

To finish, with a smile, for Eastern, or any other spring celebration today, some flowers from the garden behind the building I live. I was out yesterday, and enjoyed them.
Enjoy what is around you and enjoy the Projects: I do both.

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