25 Apr 2019

Two books about Podcasting

I got them free to read, between my kindle unlimited deal of 10 books at at a time. So, I could afford to pic them up and read what it is inside.

Podcast 101 is shorter, and I opened it first. Alas, I do not recommend it. 

It spends, more then half of the book, selling himself, his other books, his coaching, suggesting you come to his podcast and pay. While some useful bits too but not enough for my taste.

On the other hand BIG PODCAST is worth reading! I begun to read it second, because I believed it was only for Professional Podcasters, it is for all of us! I already learned a lot and also agree with all he does write. 

BIG Podcast is also funny, agreeable reading. 

I learned from it, that in fact I am, as many of us "podcast dabbler". Many of his beginning, told about the importance of choosing a message, very personal, about which we care a lot and which is specific to us.  

                  In short, know what you’re talking about and pick a side."

As with blogging and storytelling and comedy too in fact. Many of what David says applies.

I'm reading "Big Podcast - Grow Your Podcast Audience, Build Listener Loyalty, and Get Everybody Talking About Your Show" by David Hooper and wanted to share his quote with you. You can start reading it for free athttp://amzn.eu/8uNz484 (let me know if it works).

David Hooper also tells that having a great microphone, software etc is less important then having an authentic content, courage of our opinions, a specific side and attitude

Same with standup comedy, storytelling and blogging. 

We have to have our own voice. 
Stand for what we believe in. 
Publish regularly. 

Then, later, I am sure, he will speak in his book about different aspects of podcasting.

Yes, the title and description is also important. The beginning and end blabla (that is from me) added each time. If it is not too long. So many other aspects ARE important. 

But first, the courage to say your opinion, take a side, have an authentic voice. 
"You will not reach or please "all" but there will be always some whom life you may change forever."

So, remember, the most important in a good Podcast, or for a Podcaster is as in blogging, doing comedy, giving keynote, not the technical matters, even if of course they are needed, but:
I am rushing to continue reading. Outlining parts, be able to show pages. Sending quotes from.

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