30 Apr 2019

Wheels and gears: helping each others

We are always somehow together, more or less dependent of others. More or less.

When we have problems, when we help others who need, even when we live alone, we are not in air. We interact with each other.

When we begin new things, we need even more each other and each may influence on others.

In the regions and districts and clubs where leaders embraced the new education program, a lot more advanced already. I do know some toastmasters who did finish already more then two paths, and alas also some who did not even sign up: “still time”.

Yesterday evening, I was asked by a guest, former Toastmaster “what about the new Education Program and succeeded to explain her briefly, even if not elevator short. “It makes sens” she answered. So I succeeded to explain why I love it and, indeed, it makes sens.

I hope, more and more will embrace Pathways.

How did Toastmasters in 1978 take the change of education program? I heard asking. Well, I was toastmaster from 1977 to 1980 in USA, where I worked at the time. I went to toastmasters, as someone told me "they are interesting and there are more men there then women". In three years, I was the sole single woman in the club, and the other woman was the wife of one of the toastmasters, stayed only two years. The news that the education program changed, did not even arrive to us. That time, the news was that clubs had no more right "to discriminate of sex, race, religion" to obey the new us laws. But they had the right to vote in or not the members they wanted in their clubs.

The huge difference was also from then and now, the absence of social media where to meet, discuss, know or protest, and even the absence of easy communication with TMI. They did not have even data bases, so my CC, 15 projects finished then in three years, was declared but never found.

In 2009 I finished my second CC, in a year or less, going to many clubs, and once even back to visit my old Toastmaster club in a basement of an Italian Restaurant, 1000 feet from the Washington MONUMENT. I went to find a man, I did find likeminded people. And learned to speak with confidence, all during the rest of my work life. And after.

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