1 Jul 2019

What is in "Welcome, Julie"? Changed today?

Login TMI website. Open Welcome, Julie! Well, the Welcome with your name in it. It is all the way in the top, and if the device is not long enough horizontally inside three lines, in the Profile. Today, I opened it and found this.
On the top, you see the YELLOW "Welcome Julie" I just opened, and on top inside it three big tiles. Here, I opened The Navigator the last tile, and hurrah! not it is available in all those languages. A few month ago, it was only available in English.

From the first tile, as I have more then one club, I can Choose my club (till next time when I would like to change it). Yesterday, I had Global Trainers Online, and I was not yet Base Camp Manager, the small square "Log in as Base Camp Manager" was not there. Indeed, yesterday I was Sg.Arms in that club, not Secretary and BCM at the same time. That begun from today only with the new toastmasters year.

So the Welcome is flexible and recognize your roles in each club!

That is "only" one of the ways we can access Pathways, but of of the bests in my opinion: we can decide as we are in it so many things at once. Of course, when we log in as Base Camp Managers to the BaseCamp, after finished, have to logout, before we login again as "just members" in order to work on our path, level, project.


Unknown said...

Hi Julie,

I have logged into the TMI site today and it just looks the same as before - nothing like what you are showing. Do you have some special advanced access?

Mike Burrows
Division A Director

Unknown said...

I just found it: by clicking on my name where the Welcome Mike is shown - now I see it - thanks.