13 Jul 2019

How you survive Level 5 with HPL ?

Innovative Planning is chosen most of the time. Why? because most often that is what is proposed to new Toastmasters, to anyone making a test in number 1 position. 

The program Path Assessment got a bias toward it, pushing too many to get that one.

Alas, it is not at all at first position in finishing a path: because ending with a High Performance Leadership Project at Level 5. In my London club, in 10 (TEN) years, I am the only one who did a HPL. And it is a great and lively club!

"I finished Level 4, my VPE said, with a project I liked and went well "dealing with difficult audience". What is awaiting for me at Level 5 ?" I was asked yesterday in a message.

How could I know ? It depends on the required project of the path. "What path"?

"Path number 1", was the answer. It meant, he took the first path recommended. Which? "Please, make a screenshot". I got a screenshot, and seen on it two things. First, the Toastmaster was in Innovative Planning, second, the 4th Level, even with all the projects needed completed, was still waiting approval.
Now, as it is, what should I tell to the Toastmaster? First, I looked at the Electives of Level 5 and thought, which Project to recommend and which not. Those are the Level 5 electives from one of my paths, but Electives are all similar. 
Here is from IP, the path he did have. Not Ethical Panel. That is easy. 

A longer speech? The first panel discussion? Perhaps, Lessons Learned? But lessons learned from what? He just conducted a successful workshop! Could it be that? Is he in a committee?

Have to know him and discuss more.

Now, what HPL to propose? As I will begun to explain what IS a High Performance Project, with Vision and Goals, Committee and Team Members... and the Toastmaster will be able also to read the Assignment and the pages, first, the Aspiration and Goal has to be chosen.  

One possibility would be to Get all Club Members inside Pathways, "how to choose a path, which path to choose and get them not only give but close online the Icebreaker" : we need those this half year. Of course, as HPL he can not do all alone, but could chose 2 others to help, do it in a team. 

Create as Pathways Champion, Pathways specific meetings. And so on. We will have to find a common language to speak. He is from an Arabic country and writes that way on Facebook, I live now in London, but my mother language, Hungarian, is the farther from any other languages. With determination, we will find a way to understand each other.

You know what? looking at the IP and thinking about advice, I decided! And got it too.

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