11 Jul 2019

Pathways Mentor Program Completion

It is the first time I had the pleasure to approve as Base Camp Manager the Completion of a Mentor Program! A click on free, congratulations and submit. Is this all? For so much work future Pathways Mentors have to do. More then 9 month of work too.

Congratulation Michelle Alba-Lim!

On another subject, for three years since it begun, the first time I missed a club meeting in the club created. And for stupid reason. Having almost not slept all night, in the morning I believed the meeting is only tomorrow! On the flip side, I was happy to hear, alas too late to participate, that the meeting, yes, even without me, went well!

My addiction may be Toastmasters and Photography and Blogging, telling stories and making audience laugh, lately of course also Pathways, but I am replaceable and that is great. No need to be all at same time, nor responsable for all.

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