2 Jul 2019

Engaging Humor, Welcome between other paths!

We had 10 path, it was not easy and fast to fit the 11th between others. If two had appeared at the same time, as we believed, perhaps would have been faster to fit in in. Here it is now in its different ways having its place... in the alphabetic order, with its strange name difficult to remember.
And also it is present now in the page after Effective Coaching in Paths as Core Competencies 
Here, the Required projects at left. All the Elective projects together in corner  right.

Yet another way to show the same path, each level with its Required then Electives : it also tells how many to choose, at minimum. 

Each way of viewing a path, gives something different. Perspectives do matter. From The Navigator, that can be viewed from ANY device, we see yet another view.

From my horizontal laptop, I took this image, all the Electives that pop up one by one Level, on demand, did not fit in all. Of course, we can see any of the paths in all that ways. This is only the last. 

Try. It is fun and depending what you want to know, understand, or show, choose the one needed. The last way, I did not see anyone yet fitting the EH in, even if it would belong to yellows, so could be added at the bottom. Yesterday I tried, did not yet succeed to add it in. Perhaps, any of you may?
When choosing a new path it is good to know, where they lead, what they do. I would avoid the burgundi for new toastmasters or first path: it takes the longer to finish them. The blue ask for at least Six Month as Leader of a Team, all together in the second category. The yellow are the paths that could be finished faster, and of course, all very interesting too. 

I finished all in the yellow but the Motivation Strategies : I am still lingering in Level 4 as I intended to go through ALL Electives. Today, I read in July Toastmasters Magazine (online) not one but two interesting articles about it and realized that making it last and last I loosed some of the intended use of it. Yesterday, I did finish yet another project but many still awaiting. 

Perhaps, I will get those Electives not yet finished from another Path I am on Level 4 and Level 5 also and get on with my MS and go over Level 4 to the Level 5? I succeeded to stall going through Level 4 by not doing the Required Project. This morning, I told myself "be more flexible, Julie!" go!

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