3 Jul 2019

Popup in Tab now : July gift from TMI Summit team

In plus,  From the TMI July email to all leaders. So now it is "official", the method I recommended for a while already. "Easier Access to Pathways - Have you logged in and visited your Toastmasters profile recently? The Summit Team has added an exciting new feature to help make Pathways easier to access. Now, you can navigate to Base Camp, choose a path (or purchase an additional one), and view The Navigator—all from your profile! Watch this informative video to learn more."  

I wrote about Tabs already, a year ago, 2018 July POST, and a day before, 26th.

And now, this beginning of July the TMI Summit Team gives it to all of us. 

"Is it true, is it true?" That was my reaction first when I have seen Kim's announcement. 

I got fast up from my bed and opened my own pathways. 

Of course, starting from my Profile: Welcome, Julie as now is recommended by TMI too.

I got what I show you in front of this post, wow. 
We do not have to configure any more, one by one our browser and figure out how to do it, as I wrote in this blog and discussed in the Pathways Forum with different toastmasters helping in.
It opens as big as the window you are in. Try out! Enjoy as we do who tried already in different browsers and devices. Not working on smartphones yet. 

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