10 Jul 2019

Pathways Notebook

I did not get this notebook, still having only white pages inside today. Just found it as I was making order on a commode near me, between books and filled in notebooks.

Who offered it to me and when?

It has a pen and even a lighter beside, and Pathways printed on it. 

It feels beautiful!

A gift I would have offered myself but did not. Looked in the Toastmasters shop, there is a notebook but no pathways logo in it.

Was it made once for our district? 
When was it offered? 
Why was it offered?

It is now, here, just for my soon arriving birthday and I really happy to have it. Now, what I did not understand why did not use it till now?

Perhaps because this blog is for now my journal, and full of things that come my way. 

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