9 Jul 2019

Some useful pictures from this blog

Explains well the tasks of Level 1 , same for of all the paths

Exist for all path, created by TMI and in my opinion, explains well Required Projects and Elective Projects (this latest in a corner at right, same for all paths) The Required Projects Specific for a Path are those (most of time) The Three last one. Some in Level 2 change, but are then incorporated most time between the Elective Projects.

Another way to view a path, from The Navigator. In the EH, Most Level 2 is new, different. The Know your Sense of Humor is also available in other path's Elective Level 3 now since February.

Road to Pathways DTM with the Education (2 paths) and Club Leadership and District Leadership and Club Extension and Club Support. Design by Mark Snow, first Pathways DTM

New ways to enter Base Camp, View the Navigator, or choose a new path.
From Profile "Welcome, Julie here" we can choose if we enter as Member, the club, or as Base Camp Manager (if we are) and The Navigator to read in many languages.

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