28 Jul 2019

When Mentor and Mentee meet face to face

Online meetings, meetings through Web, Facebook or Zoom are great. And then, from time to time we meet in the same city, same room: we can even touch each other!

I met her through the Pathways Discussion Forum, where the Admin, Michelle Alba-Lim, arranged matchings between those asking for mentors. 

She become my mentee and we had a few meetings through Zoom. This week, she is in London from Dubai for a few days, and found time to visit me, at my place! We had lunch together and she did bring also fruits and juices. Almond juice, I find bitter. Apples, too hard for my teeth. Then she took out a huge peach from her bag and offered me. 

We found out a lot more about each other and family and plans, and even got some time to discuss a bit future pathways projects. 

Continuing my PR Strategy project, even after I finished it on Basecamp, I published with different text a picture of us (the first she has taken of us) in two places. It was about 3 afternoon. This morning I found in all 100 liked them, counting together. My PR project works, but mostly, meetings like this are popular!

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