19 Jul 2019

Using our Pins, Medals, Badges for Public Relation

Those are some of my pins, for which I was happy a few days as soon as I received them, then put them near the others on my bookshelf in my room. From time to time used one of them at a meeting. 

I would never use them all, like a decorated general. 

There are other pins also, as someone showed us in the Pathways Discussion Forum, he did buy himself when he begun his IP path and one for when he will finish it. Should I put in plus six of these for my six already finished one's?

Those seem also beautiful! Specially the golden one for me. 

They are also about 5 dollar one, but alas, the sending cost a lot. If you have someone going to the convention...

In middle, the emblem of the path, around it the name.

I would like to have two of them if not all, for my favorite paths. Visionary Communication and Leadership Management. 

I wrote yesterday, about the new Pathways Pathfinder medal, just received from my district director. Then, I decided, wisely - experience did teach me - not to publish the blogpost, but directly a very near photographed, improved in light in colour version of the medal, with a very short note near it in the Pathways Discussion Forum who needed positive discussions about Pathways. Also published in a few other groups! 

It did prove a great Public Relation Strategy! 

In less then 24 hour, 102 toastmasters answered only in the Pathways Discussion Forum, and a dozen others in the other groups I published showed interest, liked and many commented, asked "how may we have it ? Why did you get it? from where did you find it? And so, in my opinion, with this, I did succeed in one of my latest Project. Public Relation Strategies. 

I went to my TMI Base Camp, and seen that I have two such projects to do, one for the MS where I do all Elective Projects, and the other for the Required project Level 4 in SR. With the required in SR, I will have finished my Level 4 and will get the Award, plus go to next level. Now, just have to create the speech, the story, how I work for spreading the word about Toastmasters Pathways Education Program, combining Facebook group and blog, and how I tried out and succeeded to get the word around, using one of them wisely.  

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