7 Jul 2019

Public Relation Strategies, plan

Planning an Event, great I have an important event at the end of one of my path, two even. I arrived to "how to make a public relation campaign" about an event or a cause: I can use them not to make the even but to speak about it, invite others to come to it.

It can be fictional. But why not make it for an Event I need to create anyway? It could be for an idea or a cause but it is easier to make for one special event. Even if it is, fictional make a plan how to get others know about it. But it will be real.
In all event it is useful to read through the pages, one by one in any project, to understand them better and also what is expected from us. Then use all means we know (and perhaps learn more) to make publicity for "it" at least to learn new things. Test, see how it works. 

Use images, videos, texts, social media, one by one, and so on to make it know. 

Before I get into this, I will let time pass, think what I want to use this project, at least here, the first time. I will for sure need it at different occasions also. Pathways projects are useful.

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