6 Jul 2019

What remains now to change?

Explain, that if in more then one club, it can be selected from the Profile (Welcome, Julie) but that if you are in more then one club, you can choose which one "use" this time.

Interesting mostly as Base Camp Manager if in more then one clubs or before you finish a Level, to know to whom you ask approval for it. Remain in that club, till the Level was approved by whom you asked for it.

As I explained this, my new coachee asked me "one can be member of more then one club?"

Indeed, there are many different information a Coach or a Mentor may explain at the beginning. Also important to note: the path is yours! not club's.

When we got to the rectangles that arrived, she did not know what to do.

I pointed to her to read what is written on this rectangle: "Access my path" is clearly there!

Why let the Educational Transcript remain too?

It does not speak to us or anyone not in "higher education" and even then...

Another problem. I explained how to close a Project, and we went first to the Self Assessment before (even it project could be closed with only the "after" assessment and SUBMIT. The points of assessment where closed with grey. What to do? click on a button that makes the grey covering the buttons disappear. Why need to hide the buttons when we arrive there? Even a ITM person was lost at first with that feature.

Then I explained the next projects, after her Icebreaker, which she did just completed.

Wonderful! She loved the Second Project. "So I may give the save speech improved again?" She was happy to be able to repeat a speech.

I should have also showed her this picture, which explains clearly how to do.

Then we went to the Your Evaluation Section, present in all Projects, and showed her how she can SAVE the project she is on. As nowhere is written SAVE! only PRINT... and of course when the Manual of the Project comes out, then the option to Save as... or to Save PDF comes also with it. Why not write "Print or Save?"

Then we got to the Fillable Evaluation FORMS discussion: why not fillable already from the Project? Why should we go to the Training and Resources to obtain FFF (fillable forms) to Evaluate?

And most important of all, how someone may guess that if a click on the Name does not work, one should click on the Grey shadow with same name to access it?

Oh, there are more, but those enough for a beginner. I must say here, working with tabs from the beginning was a wonderful experience for her and for me too.

Just had to point out to her to close a tab no longer needed, and as the Project was already open, not try to open again. We finished "read the small letters" advice I gave her. Even if it is normal for all of us not to read it. Those should be avoided.

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