8 Jul 2019

Transforming problems to opportunities

He has been Toastmaster for 10 (ten) years!

We were all surprised to hear "This is the first time I have been Toastmaster of a Meeting!"

Of course, this could happen, in my opinion, only in the old traditional program. He just joined two weeks ago the Pathways Program, and we still have to hear his Icebreaker.

But we were all delighted to see the way he used to tell us "I am new in this". 

He had an L (learner) also at the back.

He found roles for all.

He had all written down.

Alas, he read instead of telling.

So ? We all understood! He was learning.

In Pathways Program one has to be evaluator, Table Topic master and Toastmaster, before finishing Level 3 so I think there would be a lot faster that we get to do all the roles. And many of our new members who begun with pathways, are very eager and excited to try out and learn to do roles. Also Timekeeper, Grammarian. and so on. 

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