29 Jul 2019

Grammarian? Open BC Account, change data then Save.

Yesterday, I was grammarian. Even if it is not a "required" role, it is there, and I note all. Went to TM and logged in, then went to my base camp through my profile to be able to open "my account" : it is my Base Camp account. My Account is near the Log Out, the tiny round wheel at upper right.
Going down, under some of my settings, I find this. I c)an change the date of Grammarian (last time I recorded the role was in April.
Then, I have to go down and I find Save. Some other times, I forgot to save, that is why I make a whole post about it. Also, I enjoyed being Grammarian, and found interesting expressions used. And a day later, tonight, I was Toastmaster and already changed that too, even if not in this picture.

Did you hear "garbage in, garbage out" ? Did you hear "fabulator, storyteller, re-actor" ? Another expression about some we want to convince about pathways, who still hesitate: "we have to get hold of those and meet them where they are". I do hope, some come to this blog, and meet me, where I am.

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