12 Jul 2019

Want to learn more about one member? BCM

We can learn "more" about one member, as Secretary, President or VP Education. I learned and experienced this today, after I was asked to approve Pathways Mentor program, I knew the member is still in the club, for the moment. May I print her Award? Of course.

I was "in the Pending Request". There is a search on the top. It did not work. I went one level out. After login to TMI then login as Base Camp manager Search here! 

Arrived here; alas did not get a screen shot so I had to go to someone else today. Voilà. Add the name in the search box on top right.
We get to the Profile, at the beginning. There, going down, we see the ROLES Performed - if the member entered them one by one when performed or later. 

Go to the Transcript, for detailed information about the Paths and Projects done. Here the BCM can discover, what can or not be seen about a club member. For example, in e-portofolio the Badges but can not see the Documents uploaded.
Here, we are inside the Transcript, Active Curriculum. Can see the Path. For more, Open Curriculum. I found the Active Curriculum (paths) first, Mentor was not there. Aha! She just completed it, so instead of Active I choose Completed. She did finish 4 path! MS, VC, PM and lately Engaging Humor. Under it is Pathways Mentor Program. Open Curriculum.

Here is the Pathways Mentor Program with its different Projects. I could look when each project was completed, and if needed print, save, etc all the data.

At the end: View Certificate! Here is the certificate.
I could save as PDF, or make a screen shot to add here or show to the club. Print even. I send her, then I logged out happy : I learned something new. 

Going deeper, looking at other Toastmasters, I learned also, alas, that many of them have a Path, give speech from the path - but not record them in Base Camp.

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