31 Jul 2019

Fillable forms, Evaluations in Tutorials & Resources

Evaluation forms : where to find them? 

Of course, they can be found in each project, "your evaluation page".

And two years ago, Adobe Acrobat Reader was free and we could use it to fill, save, send.

Alas, suddenly Adobe decided to ask for payment for using it: 15 dollars by month! It took Toastmasters by surprise. 

Before, telling all about history, let me show how can now, as it is today, find Evaluation forms that can be filled online and send, without needing printing. 

We have to go for it in the Tutorials and Resources. And, as for today, we still have to click on the grey name appearing under it instead on the name in red. I hope, that will no more the case in a time. Already, some things change in Basecamp. This has to change too.

Go to the Evaluation Resources, click on the language. (If not all languages will be there) and then click on the name of the project for which you are looking to ask for evaluation or to evaluate. Go down, till you find which one you want. They can be seen like a square or in a list like above.
So what is the difference between Launch and Request? 

When you launch it, it comes up, save it on computer and then fill it, save again. Send. Or just save and send if you are asking for feedback. Preferable, with another, shorter name, with the Path initials. I also add the Evaluator name to the form name usually. Or nothing, and add it to my folder Fillable Evaluations.

Request? it does arrive in your Educational Transcript as Material.

Curriculum chosen, all path remain only. The Evaluation forms are considered Material. 

Play changing Types and you will see less at a time, if you have a clutter.

When you have once requested, it does prevent you "already have it, again?" And when you click on one and say "finished" it goes into Completed, as go the finished paths. We can retrieve them from there of course.

By the way, the Project descriptions can be found in the same Tutorials. You do not have to be in the Level or Path in order to read them. They give the Assignment.
Have to go, follow up tomorrow.

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