5 Jul 2019

Pathways and Online clubs

Today, I mentor a new toastmaster home, then have an online committee meeting. What is different for Online relative to Pathways? 

First, all online clubs are in U - undistricted and got pathways only in May last year: the last Region to "roll out" the new Education Program. 
Yellow Rectangle added by me

Second, many of the clubs members are already 100% "in" and were even before Pathways arrived to them. Some have finished paths, others go slower but at least in parallel with the traditional program, no one has to be "pushed" to go use online program.

Third, many of the online toastmaster club members are in more then one club, and often, very far from each other. So, what does it mean? First, we can choose the club we are in from our Profile, "Welcome, Julie" before clicking Go To My Basecamp. Also, if we are President or VP Education or Secretary, before we click on the same with the small square "As Base Camp Manager" crossed. 

One enter Basecamp Either as MEMBER - Or as Base Camp Manager, and one has to EXIT "logout" from BC to change one or the other. That is for all.

What other is important for online clubs? The Evaluation forms fillable FFF Online, on the web, that we can then send to another (through a Web chat or Message or Email or Zoom Chat). Alas, as for now, the Evaluation forms from the section YOUR Evaluation inside the project are there to save or print but are not "fillable". To obtain those easy to fill, we have to go to the Training and Resources (clicking the grey name under it). Then choose Evaluations, and then English and go in alphabetical order to the Project needed. 

Click on Launch then save it, if possible with a shortened name. I usually add the Path two beginning letters to it, and, when it arrives back filled, my evaluator name. 

Are they other specifics to Online clubs? 

We are more used to create online meetings... write blogs or create panels. Level 4 new methods more familiar to us. I enjoy a lot the combination of Pathways with Online clubs.

This morning was the first time I coached to Pathways and Basecamp after the new "opens in a new tab" arrived: it makes all so much easier! Together with the Go to Base Camp from our Profile, there are huge improvements. I noticed more what still needed to be added, will speak of them tomorrow.

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