25 Jul 2019

Paths: Homework before deciding

They take then path by path and each shows all Projects in a Path. 
At left, the projects we have to do, at right the one we can choose from.

Here is for the last, Engaging Humor path.
we can also see how many "electives" we have!
Only a minimum of 2 at Level 3 and a minimum of 1 at Level 4 and 5 but...
Inside a Level, we can Activate, Launch then Print or/Save any project, all if we want

Here is a short one page (done before the E Humor existed, telling of all Required Specific

Now, what is inside each Project Title? Of course, the cover (title) is not always explaining a lot. Either d57 George Marshal pdf holds them all (put together from the Project descriptions found in Toastmasters Tutorials and Resources) or the Pathways Companion by Mark Show, you can find in many places also in the Pathways Discussion Group's File section. 

It is worth studying what path you prefer, before putting your feet on any path, so to avoid surprises. Some lead to a HPL (three of them) and some to at least 6 month leading an organization, so perhaps as a first path, take one that are not in those groups. Those in Yellow, I recommend as firsts.
Near the Presentation Mastery I would add also the Engaging Humor path, leading to a longer speech. I have now arrived to my longer speech, not easy to prepare indeed, but it will for sure not take as long as a High Performance Project! Nor the six month leading a team, for sure.

Best not rely only on the Assessment, so you do not have to try change the path after having chosen it. 30 days goes away very fast! And do NOT chose manual, only the WEB based path. If you do not have a computer, go to a library, or a friend to save your project in pdf, to read on screen or to print. In print, instead of 27 Elective Projects available to us, we get 4 preselected: no choice at all.

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Thanks. This should be very helpful to new Toastmasters to choose their path.