24 Jul 2019

"Toastmasters Pathways learning experience"

Do I change my profile to this? 

It is a modified version of my Facebook page image and profile. I just took out, with Photoshop Editor the two rectangles that FB put on them. I feel it looks a lot better.

But it makes a lot of work! A lot more now, that I did not use for a while the program. Learning anything takes time, and exercise and the skill have to be used. Yes, even swimming or riding a bike! 

I love the title from the Pathways Finder medallion I recently got, 
Toastmasters (in burgundy)  Pathways (in blue) learning experience. 

I published the medallion and had a lots of hits on it: many wanted to know where it can be found. How it really looks. Well, it does not look really like this, as this is a version taken with flash and lighter. In real, it looks darker, with patina. I prefer this one.

This one is in my hand and shows that it is not so big in fact, even if a bit bigger then the original Pathways Pin. The colours are also darker, the burgundy less red and the blue darker.

So much fun that I used to have changing pictures! No more now. Or less.

Still, taking them showing them is ok, but I used to spend ten times as much changing.

The important in this picture, that in 24 hours, I had more then 133 tic and 44 comments. 

The comments were mostly, how I got it and where it can be found. 

They come just in time for my Public Relation Project! 

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