27 Aug 2017

Almost finished my first path

This morning, I told my goals, tasks and some time table going with it. As it overwhelmed me when I read the project, it did it seems also the audience: I told too many facts and accomplishments.

Next, comes to reflect on my path : Visionary Communication. 

It is suggested to journal "stream of consciousness" first about it, whatever it comes, then cut from it.

Another way to go about it is also is to write a letter to myself : that is not my way. Yet another is to create a timeline.

I will use the writing down, first at least, whatever it does come and in order it comes.

Write the problems and how I overcome them, will not be a material from which "cut" but a base to create a story from it.

At least I hope.

10 to 12 minutes is a bit better then the usual 5 to 7 indeed, with pauses that are so effective to add.

I have a lot to reflect on!

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