2 Aug 2017

Develop my Vision?

What is my vision?

What I dream to achieve?

Can you guess - when myself could not see it clear enough?

I love all I did learn through the new Toastmasters education program, Pathways. How can I help others understand it better?

I had all kind of far reaching yearnings. Have all hundred Pathways Chief Ambassadors, and yes, why not also Guides and Ambassadors reunited somehow, and be able to begin to experiment the program, hands-on. So they understand it well when time arrives and it comes to them.

In a transition period, I learned already at the last project of Level 1 from a great book, Embracing Transition by MacBridge William, one has to tell as fast and possible and involve as many too. Early, not waiting till "it is the time". And also giving them responsibilities and possibility to use their creativity and old knowledge in new things that will come.

Yes, the only real thing now that weights on my shoulder is to develop my vision. 

Reflecting on my path I have already done and can do it, I am not afraid of. But what Vision that can be then put into concrete steps even for the future? With some concrete plan and a speech before and one later, as it is done in the High Performance Leadership?

I can not change how those working at TM HQ decide to do things. What can I do? What can I do?

Do and not only dream of it? Well, first of all it is this blog who is part of my Vision: tell inside it, day by day, as much as I can.

I looked again at the Stats of this blog.

The first time I looked and published there where a lot less places and different from where reader Toastmasters come to my blog.

As new regions where touched, that changed. More of the USA is covered now, and in plus, more from far away countries that begun last week only Pathways.

I had to look up Singapore, and now, I dream going and visiting it a day, as also other places I have never been yet. But already, I feel a kinship.

I am realizing how well I picked up Blogspot and this design that can be read in different devices. Here is the image of the devices, computers, operating systems etc. through which this blog is read.

Windows, Android, Macintosh, iPhone.
Linux, iPad, and others.

I can understand looking at this better the diversity of readers, diversity of those who access or will access Pathways.

All is done for me automatically when I chose what kind of blog I use, those designing Pathways have to take all in consideration. Not so easy!
When, let us say one uses "Adobe" as someone from TMI used to tell me what form I should use to fill in Evaluations, meaning I think Adobe's Acrobat Reader. I used it till now to read and fill and save all the Evaluation Forms. Adobe offered suddenly a "better" form filler with the same name, but one that we had to pay every month! It happened to me this week, it messed up things for me and for so many! No more free PDF Reader / Filler! Yes, I can still read, but not fill.

I found a way "around it" using Apple's clumsy but free Preview, but I hope to find a more elegant one that works for all.

I also looked again how to write and what write so more Toastmasters would be interested in it, inside this blog. Not same results come, if I look "all time" or "in July" or "last week".

This are the page views All Time for this blog with the most viewed ten posts.
And this are those for Last Month, all of July.
As you see the "Most Read posts" change. 
It does change again, if I ask for those "most" read posts for the Last Week.
Pat Johnson's interview jumps up, but also my post "Where to find (and then put) the Evaluation forms, and how to get and give feedback". Of course, I do not have as many readers in a day as in three month either. Some are steady, some come from time to time to look. It is ok.

So my blog, does some job to explain, but it is not enough. 

What can I do "more"? 

I am going to different online and mixed (on ground and online) Toastmasters Clubs, almost one every day. Yes, at 83 I am retired and have time to do it. As long as their hours are not when I sleep. 

What if I begun, or rather continue but "more" one to one mentoring, explaining, helping online? 
I went yesterday to Witty Birds Toastmasters meeting. They meet through Zoom, from many countries and continents. I was the only one with a fancy background I just learned to create. 

At the end of the meeting, I was asked to explain how, I shared my screen and shown it - too fast. After the meeting, Carlos, a brand new toastmaster, and very active in Witty birds, asked me "how did you obtain that background, can you help me to do it too?
Get a free Zoom, go to your Settings, chose Virtual Background. Then you can add images. I did add a lot of mine (and some borrowed like the red TK button). Each image tells something else about you. So chose your background with care. It can be tested out when alone, or shown to others. How?
Near the Show Video (or hide) there is an arrow going up. Opens choices and the last one is the Change Virtual Background. From there, in an instant, it can show you are "elsewhere". In fact, there is a green tissue on the wall now behind me, in my living room, behind where I sit as I use my Mac. But dreaming I am out in the street, near the chestnut tree the picture of which I have taken last year is not so bad.

Is it related to Pathways? I am not sure how much. For me, my Online Toastmasters Clubs, my Online Access clubs from District 27 Pathways Pilot, combined with my video presence and explaining about it, are all related. I could give also advice about how to check Configuration before using first the Pathways program, how one can tell Base Camp that "a project finished" through Screen Sharing in Zoom. 

What else I can do?

I am now thinking of creating a Pathways users group on Facebook, to discuss "between us". And then, well yes, I have some other steps I could try towards my vision, that suddenly looks clearer. Any suggestions about "my vision" you could have welcome! 

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