21 Aug 2017

Get into the spirit, play the game!

Recently, I did publish different coloured... are they called "peppers" ?

I first, knew in my childhood Green, thin skinned  longish ones: did like them. You could even put butter inside and go to swimming pool, lunch on the grass. Great memories!

Then, came this Red, with thick crispy consistence and a lot more taste. I got to the very fast! Also, they could be cooked, a bit broiled and preserved for longer use.

Other colours pop up, now, to make coloured salads or vegetables for all eyes and tastes.
It occurred to me yesterday, that those who get into the spirit of Pathways, Path and Projects, those who play the game and do the dead, get a lot from it and enjoy it fully.

Of course, not only enjoy, but grow and change from it too.

Yesterday, Zaldy from Manila wrote me "I got my level 1 in Team Collaboration! I am probably the first in the district" Then he sent me what he did in his last project, the research, interviewing George Marshal, while researching how much more "online and social media use" we get from Pathways. "We will learn to make Podcasts, Blogs, Better Social Media presence and so on!" Zaldy will be our next Guest Post writer, looking forward for his experience.

This picture, a lunch I had a day when I was "good", combines many things I like, and together, it did taste delicious. Plus, it was good for me.

The same way, we can assemble Projects from what is there, twist to our taste those we do the second time, put them together in different ways, get from them what we just need at that moment.

Even if many projects come back to chose from, and we will have more soon, it is how we put them together that will make is useful for our lives, not only to speak in public, not only to lead a club or a meeting.

And are tomatoes good only once? Are they all similar? Same goes for the bread. Some are crispy and round as this one. Others so different, one does not even realise. Each time we assemble, our lunch as we feel and need.

When you play the game and get into the spirit of it, as already many of us, you'll get more of Pathways too. Paul White came to me with a new idea, use a whole path like a project that goes toward a direction you want to achieve, each project a brick in plus in the construction. A lot of creativity unleashed by Pathways, when we get into it. Each, in our way.

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