30 Aug 2017

Interesting projects still waiting

When I arrived to level 3, 4, 5 I did sometimes, not all of them save and even print the projects.

So I have at least 5 of them waiting for me for next time.

Pathways Mentor program, can wait but I read it at least once. It has three different projects in fact.

Using Presentation Software, I begun to do it, still things to learn how to transform in a way easy to show from my Macintosh. I believed, putting it into the cloud is the answer, but when I needed to show my prepared presentation from my screen: it was not there and I had to show the one I created before.

Building a Social Media Presence, yes, even if I am not new to it, a lot to learn yet.

Manage Projects Successfully: have to discover yet what "projects" mean.  And there are so many others!

At least, they are now no more as pages and pages but bind together. And I can also try to repeat a project that I already tackled, as repetition is key to understanding better and improving. Voice Variety, Storytelling, Active listening, Body language. they were all fun and have to use them more often of course and also combine them together.

Did I wet a bit your appetite?

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