25 Aug 2017

Today will be about Pathways Experience!

As I open to write, I see we need to more visits, to arrive to 10 000 : magic zero numbers. Most important, even if I do not know most often whom (who?) you come to read my posts! Thanks a lot!

This was shown at the Board of Directors Briefing. The numbers are till July 2017 I believe. I am between the 9 level 3 there, as we had "given" the level 4 to the club only the 3 July. A few level 2 to level 5 only but it was only for the two Pilot districts yet at that time, and those who connected remote. 82 level 1 does it mean finished or "in it"? Most important to start and finish too. At least the first level. The basics are so clearly in those projects. 

Yesterday, 25 participants to the Zoom meeting that lasted long after the 20 official minutes finished. Sometimes, to add an image, and make neat paragraphs, do not work well together. 

In a few hours, Paul White, finished his first level 5, me with two path toward the end (the second's first project level 4 will be this, Organising an Online meeting. Zaldy, finished level 1 and Mark soon, and Brian did finish his level 4. But more important, we can not be put into a box. We are more complex and so much to tell about us!  We will not concentrate on who we are, not even from how many different regions of the world, but about what we learned from using Pathways. 

        FRIDAY: Pathways in the Online World. 

The link that will work http://zoom.us/j/6850597447

to listen, ask questions, participate

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