9 Aug 2017

New books, old books, to read and re-read

I read a lot and mostly nowadays on Kindle and not hardcopy. Still from May I did buy and used this books for my Paths.

The Transition I have read long time ago, has to be refreshed, is about how we change. The difficulty of Ending, then going through a fog, then even the not easy period of new beginning we traverse again and again. 

Some of it we want, some comes on us but the periods we have to go through are the same for very different things. It is important to understand human psychology and my own. Reading it again, I understood better some periods of my life.

From the same author, Managing Transition by William Bridges, written after long years of experience dealing with companies "in change needing transitions" wisdom that all companies and leaders should understand. They could be applied indeed, not only in Visionary Communication Path, but in any place. And as we change things usually more often then in past, very useful this days.

It helped me form my Vision about what I could do for the Pathways difficult Transition period. Between them, this blog also. But not only. 

I did buy a book explaining very well Leadership Styles, alas I gave to read and did not recover it.

As I begin going through the Effective Coaching Path, I found a lot of books, this one seemed the more easy to understand and more complete at the same time, speaking of old and of new kind of coaching. Of course, this are only the ones I can put on a table or sofa and take photos.

Another day, will show those on my Kindle, that can be read of course in any digital format. 

And here is a treat. 

I do not collect "old books" but in 2010 I wanted to read as much as I could from and not about Ralph C. Smedley, and even the books he recommended in his manuals. I found them on Amazon not at the same time. 

And two of the books second cover:

Basic Training for Toastmasters by Ralph C. Smedley is also in Public Domain: Toastmasters International offers it free to all, even if not that edition. There are not much differences between the two editions only a few years apart.

Speech Evaluation is the outside title, The Art of Constructive Criticism is Smedley's inside title. A group of Toastmasters together are working, are in train to offer his book, in PDF so all Toastmasters can enjoy and learn from it. What I can say for the moment, that his view are very well represented from the beginning of every path and also on the evaluation resources offered. 

Just one tidbits from it, but in fact, it has to be all read and nothing taken "out of context".

Variety in criticism is very important in his eyes and even the forms provided to be changed : at the time they well not part of any manual as he has seen them as changing often.

Yes, both books I have date when I was just a kid, so more then 70 years! Their pages are yellowed by age and some are very fragile. They do belong to the future and to Pathways that follow Smedley tradition even more then, what is called already by some the "Legacy Programs". They are not really our "legacy" only what we get used this last years.

Our true legacy, incorporated even more in the Pathways Path Projects, is that of our founder. He begun to create and think about it from 1905 on already, and did something that will last.

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