15 Aug 2017

John Kendall Icebreaker: remote from UK linking to Virginia

Some of us where in Arlington Virginia, a few of us arrived remote, from different parts of the world. Two of us from UK, London and the other from near Cambridge, one from Australia, another from Colorado, and yet another Toastmaster from Hong Kong. 

John Kendall, Ambassador of Pathways Program from D71 recently become member of DTMMasters Arlington in order to experience the Pathways and be able to explain it better. He accepted that I publish here his Icebreaker speech, first Project in any Path. 

We come remote from different continents through GoToMeeting, to this club meeting in a library.

Other clubs meet through Zoom meeting, as I did today at noon, delivering a speech about Using props and Visual Aids, not too much different from the one from CC. Showing my screen Online was easy - once I got where to click! Beside a Keynote (like Power Point) presentation with mostly images, I showed a book, to diversify. We had a member from Singapore, they are excited Pathways arrived to them. 

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