22 Aug 2017

Online TM clubs meetings: Friday is Pathways online

And here is the link to attend. 

The time zone is in my time, yours will be different. 
The meeting begins at 12 : 30 but we gather 20 minutes to 10 minutes earlier. It will be noon time for Vancouver, during the noon-break. 

I am the Toastmaster of that meeting and organised it, we will have distinguished toastmasters with Pathways Experience speaking and then answering your questions. Paul White finished his first path; Brian Dodd the level 4; Mark Worthy the level 1; and Graham Cairn, who has enjoying it also through remote access. 

We are all in Online clubs and in clubs with remote access, used to "travel" through web. As we use, almost all of us, the Pathways through web comes natural to us.

There will be four 20 minutes meetings organised by "Online Club Connection" and the group Susan Ellsworth assembled around her for it. So many did contribute, with a video, with a short pamphlet, with a blog (call it website), and organising all that needs to be done.

It begin Wednesday with Creativity and Fun - online. I will be there!
In fact, I hope, I can attend all four of them, it will be worth: so different each!

Thursday, it will be about Hybrid clubs: the clubs that open up to remote access attendees. Like those I am member and attend from afar who are in Arlington, Virginia, near where my daughter lives. Or Royal Roads of Victoria in Vancouver Island I begun visiting long time ago.

Friday, yes of course it will be about Pathways. Our Pathways pleasures and Experiences and what online clubs can bring to it.

Saturday, Warm Greeting from online clubs creators, will be for sure a memorable meeting too.

Already Sunday, the fun has begun, as at the Firebirds Meeting, Lorraine participated from the second floor of the Vancouver Convention Centre and invited Toastmasters wondering around to come to the meeting. Brian will do the same all four days as he found a "hot spot (web access) in a corner café. Or he will try also go nearer the convention. There is a big interest in Online Clubs this year! 

And strangely, no Pathways presentation at the Conference, other then ours that can be attended from your home, wherever you are.

Remember, or copy best: the link to the Zoom platform has the number 6850597447 each time.

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