19 Aug 2017

Am I obsessed by Pathways?

Even on my stand home, the brochure I got from the London Toastmasters Institute officer training.

It was impressive how our Chief Ambassador spoke so well about it, even if he never yet tried it out. The small beautiful brochure is from her.

Behind my papers, so much material about different path and different projects that I printed out!

Just now, Amazon send me what I ordered, to help me bind the projects one by one, instead of having separate papers. Simple things, non expensive, I will see which one is adequate for the job. Even if I can not make real "manuals" I will try to have each project at least in a nice and easily readable format.

From time to time I could then read again, and use the material. I did use some projects many times. For example, I fall in love with Research, yes, we pass it at every project, but also with Panel, which comes a lot later and is between choices. Once I learned how, I got the taste of it. Organising comes easy to me.

Each of us have our inclinations, does not mean we can not learn something different. Will try to fix "goals and make plans" to finish my Visionary Communication path. The vision and the later goals will not disappear, as when we go toward something in does go on and on.

For sure, when I begun my first path and first level, I had no idea to how many things it can bring me.

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