13 Aug 2017

How my leadership style developed ?

For the Effective Coaching path, perhaps it is interesting that after I answered, tentatively to questions, (discovering this time the questions to answer are not to be find with "more" but going down) the result is that my main style is "Coaching". Even if Altruistic, Authoritative, Innovative and even Democratic and Pacesetting come near. Only the Bureaucratic is way down as points.

To arrive to the "Your Leadership Style" I have to get my Level 1 approved and it was fast done!

This is now my third Level 1 passed.

I am not sure I printed the level 2 of Presentation Manager or the level 4 of Visionary Communication path.

The important is I can now, go farther, whenever I wish.

As I repeat the Your Leadership styles, more and more memories come back to me.

I remembered the first ever time I had to lead a team, at age 33 as Chief of Analytical Chemistry lab. It was an interesting period in my life, in North of France's small city of Ham. Before and after my son was born.

"How will I make them obey me?" I asked my husband who was used to lead a small team.
I will leave the answer and what followed to the story I will tell. I did follow his advice only at the beginning, after that I did develop my own leading style, rather different.

It is always good to go back to the "origins" to understand better the present. I could go - that is for another time, another path, go even farther back, when I was playing with my friends.

It does not matter if the Questions are the same, we can always treat them, answer the differently, and learn something new, understand deeper the Projects each time we get to them.

"Recognise the need to adapt your leadership style based on the situation and the people being led. Deliver a 5- to 7-minute speech at a club meeting to share some aspect of your leadership style or leadership styles in general. You may choose to discuss your style preferences when working with others, your style and how you can adapt it to situations.

"While a person may be both a leader and a manager, there is a difference in the skill sets needed for these roles. Managing deals mostly with planning, organizing, and facilitating specific tasks. Leading deals with people, whether they are individuals or groups. Great leaders inspire others to follow them. Effective leaders are excellent communicators and display a high level of personal integrity, are open minded, optimistic and lead by example. An optimistic attitude creates the opportunity to overcome obstacles and adversity. Acknowledging and giving credit to others. "

"Prepare for your evaluation. Go to the Your Evaluation screen and review the evaluation criteria. Print or send the Evaluation Resource to your evaluator."

Of course, first I have to create the story about how I resolved my first work challenge.

I was chief of that laboratory for 7 years, perhaps the longest I worked in a place - for others. They were very sorry when I had to go, tried to offer me higher wages, beside the apartment they offered me the last two years free. And yes, even the young girls, working in the laboratory missed me. 

That was a period of my life I did not speak a lot. With very low and very high parts.  But those came not from work but my personal life. Some memories remain as wounds in me even now after so many years, some as hight points of my life. Far away from everyone but my husband, and then, even from him for a year, I had to survive on my own. Did the best I could.

Yes, we can arrive, again and again, to the Project with the same name, and understand it, treat it very differently. 

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