11 Aug 2017

Finished a Project, a Level: How to tell the BaseCamp?

My heart broke when I heard her say: "I have done my level 1 but I will have to do it again!"
"It is not recognised"

You have read and studied, you have prepared and delivered the speech after that. And the Base Camp does not recognise it. What to do?

In very short: make sure the Assessment before and the Assessment After where saved!

As I finished yesterday my Research in the Effective Coaching Path, with a great presentation of what I learned about Zoom Green Screen and its lightening, presented online to my club, it was the time for me now to tell the Base camp I did it. Finish the Project, and as it is the last project in level 1 also finish the Level.

It was a great occasion for me to show step by step, how to do it. When you go back to Assess your Skills - Before, and go through "more and then more" it should NOT look like this. One of the circles must be grayed.
All pages of asses skills - before should look like this, before you also  answer, after having delivered a speech and made the task asked for, like this.

Most of the time if you have a problem, it is because this does not look like this.

Once all questions of Before are answered, it ask you if you want to save them. Save those Before, then after finishing, answer and save those After questions too. All.

After you answered the Before and the After Assessment, you can save them again.
Click on submit, and then your project is finished for the Base Camp.

Well, almost. It does take a few minutes for it to be considered as a project is done. And be aware, arriving at the last page, and telling you :
This does NOT mean you did finish for the system, if the Assessments Before and after where not saved. So when you arrive (the first time at least here) go to the Select to move to another section as the arrow shows.

This will pop up and show you different sections you can move to. Go to the third and do verify if the Assess your Skills - Before is completed and saved. This morning, I found out that my Research was not saved for some reasons before. So I did it. Then, as I did just asses my skills AFTER, I opened it again and jumped to the last one.
Now, this Feedback come to me instead to Assess skills after, comparing the Before and After. The real sign, that the Base camp recognises you finished your project.

Perhaps, with time all these screens may change, that is why till now I hesitated to show them.
I looked, it took a few minutes but not much, then I was asked to Evaluate the project (here but also by a letter later). That is not obligatory, it is said and you can do it only the next 10 days.
But as you can see even if I am asked to Evaluate the Research and Present is now recognised as done. I went and evaluated it. Then it become "Launch" it only means you can go through and read again and again. Of course, you could also save or print or both the project so you could study it again and again online too.
Those were all the forms I could have while I was working on this blog project in June. Evaluation Resource is for all projects, the feedback we ask : to be fillable, we have to save it first on our device. Then we can send and when filled and received "file" it in our e-portofolios proper level. But those have no incidence I seen, usually for any project. Unless, you are at the end of Level and your VPE want to look or you completed the speech outside the club to show that you did it indeed to him.

When I did finish my blog project, it looked like this.
I had to write 8 post, this is now the 101th post. That shows that we do not do them for TMI and a "done it" but for our own pleasure, passion and work. I hope, you find most of my blog posts "compelling". I try.

The level was not finished, even if I have finished all my projects from it. Still waiting for the last, "level 1 completion" to be Activated. After I activated, it asked me to "mark as completed". Then I clicked that too, it told me "now wait for the VPE to whom a letter is send" to approve the level.

That is where I am now.

Usually, it does not take long, but of course, as it is weekend, I will probably have to wait a little more. After the level is completed 100% I can go and read the next level tasks. That is where I was with Visionary Communication when I opened this Blog. Now, I am at Effective Coaching, so I do know what comes next, so I am less impatient.

Only one project changes at level 2 and even that not always.

I hope, this post helps you, when it seems the project or a level is not recognised. Let me know please if something I wrote is not clear.

I also promise, next blog post will be more for those who are not yet on Pathways, and will not go to this kind of details. I am really excited with all I did and all I can do through studying the projects offered to us in the paths.

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