20 Aug 2017

Evaluation filled? The E-portofolio is ONLY for your eyes!

It was not easy to find where to store the filled in Evaluations. 
Yes it is in the e-portofolio's Documents where there are the LevelsWhen I asked the TMI help, are they no different folders for different path, the answer was "no".

But why bother to put them there?

Till yesterday, I believed it is a "must" and yes, it was told, we can use whichever feedback we want. I really did believe, and I do not think I was the only one: that it is there that the VPE finds them.

Answer from George Marshall, from D57, who does know these things: "No one but the member can see the member's e-portofolio!" 

So why put it there? Perhaps to have in case your computer crashes? perhaps to be able to look back at it some time? or for some other use in a year or so? 

Meanwhile, we have to be able, if or when needed, to show the feedbacks we did receive to our VPE, just as - sometimes - he wants to see before going to Club Central and declaring our Level. Or approving our Level before Club Central. Many times, it is between us and our own conscience. For us to view and to think about what is written there. At any case, now I understood why it is in an almost hidden place. 
What really matters, to tell the Base Camp that you did finish a project is to answer to all the questions Assessment Before, Save, then later, after having given the speech and accomplished the task or tasks, Assessment After, Save. That is the signal to the Base Camp : you finished this project. Not the filled in feedbacks, also as I did believe till yesterday for more then three month. 

End July, I wrote where we find the Evaluation "resources" as they are called, that have to be filled in a way or other. Here. But did not know, you can or not save them in your e-portofolio and that is only your choice. Well, one can learn day by day!

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