23 Aug 2017

Go Online, the cutting edge: all can learn and have fun!

Online Toastmasters Clubs are on cutting edge as Pathways Education through WEB.

This week, during the Toastmasters International Vancouver Convention, you will see those with this badge walking around. But you do not have to be in Vancouver to join us!

Through four different twenty minutes short meeting, around noon time in Vancouver, the "online club connections" offers four different meeting, as I wrote about already yesterday.

While there are only 1% of TM --> DTM, in the online clubs the number is very different, as so many of us understood the importance of "online meetings"! 

I am member of two of them, Firebirds Collective since its first meeting I told a story, and have lots of funny memories of different meetings. Witty Storytellers Online is "my baby" of course, I did not create it alone. I am it's VP Education, a passionate personal storyteller and coach for years now.

Here is for example Brian in January this year, when neither of us did not get hands on Pathways yet, giving a lecture in Witty Storytellers about... Pathways and using slides he found here and there. This was the END of his presentation as you could see. Zaldy, from Manilla already in RED and Brillian, our TMoM from Mumbai, waiting also for him to finish. Brian as passionate about Pathways as me, finally found a way, let me know, and it is how we got Remote to a District 27 Pilot club both of us.
Here is Brian December, Santa from Vancouver (sorry, Virginia Islands, BC Canada) and Lorraine from New Zealand, Samir and me from London, Europe.

It does seem I can not get rid of the hole in my post here.

Strangely, I can write.

So I try to fill the hole.

Sometimes, the HTML which is behind the blog posts is strange.

With time, I will figure it out!

Meanwhile, here it is : I arrived to my next slide and text!
Here is Brian December, Santa from Vancouver (sorry, Virginia Islands, BC Canada) and Lorraine from New Zealand, and Samir and me from "Europe" : London.

So many ways to have fun online!

You will learn a lot more joining today to our first demo meeting.

A lady from Vancouver, Sunday told "but I am not tech savvy.."

Well, nor I am really, even if for years I got used, but mostly to software, the important is to take it like a kid: try it out. What if...
I tried different lights, did buy through online of course and had a lot of surprises! In May 2015 I got a light who was too big and burned my face on screen, then I got one so tiny that is good only for spot light.
My Macintosh laptop had a small hole on top: for video but I was never able to look into it! What I did is put my computer on three big books with hard cover, so the hole is now my eye-level. 

Only when I want to stand up... and I found a reversed box will do then. 
And yes, finally, found my light and learned to put it 45 angle and at least two meters farther then I sit. Not much technical knowledge needed, but yes, a web connection and a good "bandwidth" is usefull. As to headsets, it worked till the battery run out: no one told me I can buy new ones!

Valentine day at Witty Storytellers, the timekeeping where all from different coloured hearts, that Michelle showed us from Oregon, while Svetlana laughed from Taskent, Brian applauded from Vancouver Island and Derek from Hong Kong bowed "Yes, I finished".

Here are a Sunday meeting at Firebirds Collective Online Toastmasters Club. 

Lorraine, signalling time with three hats! Very effective!

Ian showing his two figurines, and his evaluator, Marty listening. Those were still the GoToMeeting times, six could be on screen, but we tried to limit because those having limited bandwidth. As they moved, the screen blurred sometimes.

Here is a list of some of Online clubs, from Area 1 Division O (online) of Undistricted clubs.

I have visited, and spoken and took roles in all that are not company and let me do it. And let me add, those who do not meet at a too weird hour for me. 

Some of those company clubs changed names or I do not see them any more, others have been added since I made the list. Add to them those "pre-charter" I also visit and the hybrid clubs. 

You can see, I can have fun, and learn and progress in many, without even living home! 

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