8 Aug 2017

Combining Pathways and Online

Sometime, I tell myself "too many clubs"! 

Then, what happens? I just accepted to join Global Trainers Online. It is created by the President of Witty Storytellers, for longer presentations. 

The only club that is near me is Lewisham Speakers club, and last Wednesday I delivered a funny and instructive my Body Speaks (your body speaks as listener). Have been for 9 years in this club, had all roles. This Wednesday evening, the committee meets at my apartment. This year, I am Secretary.

My most work is with Witty Storytellers Online, we created a year ago. Intention was to place it mainly in Europe, but now we have members all the way from Oregon to India, Philippines, Vancouver not only in United Kingdom or Germany. I am Vice President Education and organise the meetings, know well all members and create also special meetings, about Humour, about Telling Stories, about Zoom or Pathways.

I have been in Firebirds Collective, 100% online club from its creation, a year before it chartered as soon as the board of directors decided it can be done. We meet every Sunday, alternative hours. It is always a pleasure to meet all those I know so well. In some ways, we do know more about each other, a lot more, then in a "brick and mortar" club. When a husband is ill, a new baby born, a trip to see each other... I speak or get a role, last Sunday I Evaluated a great Pathways speech about Mexico. 

Then come my three clubs from Virginia, D 27 Pilot Pathways. They are all clubs on ground admitting Remote Access. There is a reason I joined the second and third.

I am Secretary of Great Communicators, one of the Base Camp Managers. Tomorrow I am asked to give a speech passing to others my enthusiasm of Pathways. I will mostly speak of the pleasures of level 1 in detail then a bit about all those special to chose from as you arrive at level 3. Will try to record it through the Zoom we reach them remote.

MBC Speak-EZ, after one of us, on-liners joined, specially did buy GoToMeeting platform, so we can see not only hear each other. They meet the Wednesday alternate with GC. 

DTM-Masters meet once a month, in a library in Arlington: we can be with them through GoToMeeting too, the VPE of EZ is the Sergeant of Arms in it. 

I get to know so many wonderful Toastmasters through the Web! 

Beside all those groups, I am also visiting and speaking often in pre-charter online or remote access hybrid toastmasters clubs. In a week will be speaking about Zoom and Virtual backgrounds at Witty Birds. Last week Monday delivered Introduction to Mentoring speech in Royal Roads Vancouver Islands, and in July, yet another Pathways speech at the Emperors in Manila.

That is why I can progress at my rhythm, which some think it is fast. My first Path almost finished, two other well begun. Just got an email, my Level 1 and 2 of the second is "on".

When a Project is done, I always have a place to speak. Sometimes, I can jump in last minute even as will for Tomorrow's Pathways Persuasive speech at Great Communicators in Arlington, VA. I have so much to say! All is how to be able to put only so much of a story in my allotted time. 

As for Zoom Backgrounds, the last speech from Level 1 Research, I have been studying it, and also testing it, for weeks now. I will try also to demonstrate, and show some slides while I speak. I just created a presentation and saved it also in PDF, other then 1 slide, all are pictures that almost speak of themselves.

Being online, being on Pathways are so complementary! 
Instructive, but also a lot of fun

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